Unreal Engine 4 Git Source Control Plugin

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UE4GitPlugin is a simple Git Source Control Plugin for Unreal Engine

It has been integrated by default in UE4.7 in "Beta".

This is a developement fork to be able to develop a "v2" of the plugin alongside the existing git plugin inside currents version of the engine.

Have a look at the Git Plugin Tutorial on the Wiki.


This Git Source Control Plugin is now part of the default Unreal Engine 4.7

Beta version 1.0:

What cannot be done presently (TODO list for v1.0, ordered by priority):

Known issues:

In-code TODO list (internal roadmap):



Bug reports?

Getting started

Quick demo of the Git Plugin on Unreal Engine 4.12 (preview) Git Plugin on Unreal Engine 4.12 (preview)

Install Git

Under Windows 64bits, you could either:

Activate Git Source Control for your Game Project

Load your Game Project, then open:

File->Connect To Source Control... -> Git: Accept Settings

See also the Source Control official Documentation


Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Sebastien Rombauts (sebastien.rombauts@gmail.com)

Distributed under the MIT License (MIT) (See accompanying file LICENSE.txt or copy at http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)

How to contribute

GitHub website

The most efficient way to help and contribute to this wrapper project is to use the tools provided by GitHub:


You can also email me directly, I will answer any questions and requests.

Coding Style Guidelines

The source code follow the UnreaEngine official Coding Standard :

See also