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Unreal Engine 5 Git LFS 2 Source Control Plugin (beta)

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Unreal Engine 5 Git Source Control Plugin

release Git Plugin issues Join the chat at UEGitPlugin is a simple Git Source Control Plugin for Unreal Engine 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 and 4.27.

Developed and contributed by Sébastien Rombauts 2014-2023 (

  1. First version of the plugin has been integrated by default in UE4.7 in “beta version”.
  2. This is a developement fork named “Git LFS 2” adding File Locks supported by Github.
  3. ProjectBorealis has been busy fixing and improving this plugin to make it work robustly with LFS Locks. See ProjectBorealis GitPlugin v3


You need to install it into your Project Plugins/ folder, and it will overwrite (replace) the default “Git (beta version)” Source Control Provider with the “Git LFS 2” plugin.

Have a look at the Git Plugin Tutorial on the Wiki. (alternate link)

Written and contributed by Sebastien Rombauts (

Source Control Login window to create a new workspace/a new repository: Source Control Login window - create a new repository

Source Control status tooltip, when hovering the Source Control icon in toolbar: Source Control Status Tooltip

Source Control top Menu, extended with a few commands specific to Git: Source Control Status Tooltip

Submit Files to Source Control window, to commit assets: Submit Files to Source Control

File History window, to see the changelog of an asset: History of a file

Visual Diffing of two revisions of a Blueprint:

Merge conflict of a Blueprint:

Status Icons:

New/Unsaved/Untracked Added Unchanged Modified Moved/Renamed

Supported features

What cannot be done presently

Known issues

Getting started

Quick demo of the Git Plugin on Unreal Engine 4.12 (preview) Git Plugin on Unreal Engine 4.12 (preview)

Install Git

Under Windows 64bits, you should install the standard standalone Git for Windows (now comming with Git LFS 2 with File Locking) with default parameters, usually in “C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe”.

Then you have to configure your name and e-mail that will appear in each of your commits:

git config --global "Sébastien Rombauts"
git config --global

Install this Git Plugin (dev) into your Game Project

Unreal Engine comes with a stable version of this plugin, so no need to install it.

This alternate “Git development plugin” needs to be installed into a subfolder or your Game Project “Plugins” directory (that is, you cannot install it into the Engine Plugins directory):


You will obviously only be able to use the plugin within this project.

See also the Plugins official Documentation

Activate Git Source Control for your Game Project

Load your Game Project in Unreal Engine, then open:

File->Connect To Source Control... -> Git
Project already managed by Git

If your project is already under Git (it contains a “.git” subfolder), just click on “Accept Settings”. This connect the Editor to your local Git repository (“Depot”).

Project not already under Git

Otherwise, the Git Plugin is able to create (initialize) a new local Git Repository with your project Assets and Sources files:

Click “Initialize project with Git” that will add all relevant files to source control and make the initial commit with the customizable message. When everything is done, click on “Accept Settings”.

Using the Git Source Control Provider in the Unreal Engine Editor

The plugin mostly interacts with you local Git repository (“Depot”), not much with the remote server (usually “origin”).

It displays Git status icons on top of assets in the Asset Browser:


See also the Source Control official Documentation


Copyright (c) 2014-2020 Sébastien Rombauts (

Distributed under the MIT License (MIT) (See accompanying file LICENSE.txt or copy at

How to contribute

GitHub website

The most efficient way to help and contribute to this wrapper project is to use the tools provided by GitHub:


Coding Style Guidelines

The source code follow the Unreal Engine official Coding Standard:

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